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KKR Consult LLC

The concept for KKR Consult started back in 2003, when Kim Radison, entrepreneur, consultant, and mother of five, recognized a lack of passion and purpose in employees’ lives. After years of experience in the human resources and leadership development fields, she created a method to increase employee’s personal and professional satisfaction. The 2012 creation of KKR Consult was the manifestation of her work.

Since that breakthrough, KKR has worked with hundreds of clients to evoke the people revolution within their organizations. Her Employee Well Being Program, AHOP: Add Happiness On Purpose, is a revolutionary tool, unique to the world of business. This program is the future of employee wellness, which translates to overall success in and for the workplace. AHOP is customizable and affordable, with the ability to mold to any organization, no matter what size or budget. By creating a program that is obtainable for any organization, KKR is truly evoking the people revolution!

In conjunction with the AHOP program, KKR specializes in business consulting to ensure that an organization’s mission, vision, values, and strategic planning align with their employee initiatives. Executive coaching and succession planning round out KKR’s services by strengthening leadership skills from top management down to the front line. 

The Mission

Evoke the people revolution in every organization we serve.

KKR Cares

KKR Consult is committed to developing the future leaders of our world. A portion of all profits benefits children in need.
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Kim Radison
Founder of KKR Consult
(419) 455-4035
120 S. Washington St.
Suite 214
Tiffin, OH 44883
What could your organization achieve if your employees were truly engaged in their lives, their jobs, and the purpose of your organization?